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Windows are an investment, and having them cleaned regularly, according to most real estate agents, will make your home look cleaner and brighter. It pays to take good care of your home's windows because if one day you should decide to sell, buyers won't be lured by foggy, grimy, cobwebbed windows.

Windows which are not maintained eventually will need to be replaced. The cost can range anywhere from $300 to replace a single pane of glass and up to $5,000 for a large bay window with specialty glass and framing. As you can see, windows are expensive to replace. At Clean Up Professionals, we can help you save money by providing professional window washing services which can prolong the lives of any windows, even the ones difficult to reach by inexperienced window washing professionals.

Our staff of window cleaners can catch troubling spots in your window before they turn into a big problem. Things like wood rot, insect infestations, micro cracks in the glass, or persistent stains, are one of the many cases our pros can resolve these problems quickly and affordably.

Take action early and contact the pressure washing experts from Clean Up Professionals in Pinckney, MI today.

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